Top 5 Benefits of Carpet

In this blog post, we go over our top five, among many, benefits of carpet. This classic flooring solution has been transforming homeowners’ living spaces for centuries and is constantly evolving to keep up with the demands of modern households. Read on to learn about what carpet can add to your home.

Dog laying on pet friendly Shaw carpet from Johnson's Flooring in Springboro, Ohio

1. Warmth and Insulation
    Carpet adds a natural warmth to any room due to a few reasons. First, carpet is soft under foot due to its fibers and padding underneath, which adds comfort to your rooms. Secondly, carpet literally keeps your home warmer than other flooring types. Carpet’s tightly woven fibers have a very low conduction rate and they also trap air. Carpet and its padding essentially act as an additional insulator for your home.

    2. Reduces Noise
      Unlike hard surface floors, which can echo loud noises, carpet actually absorbs sounds in your home. Sound waves are absorbed by carpet and its underlayment; you can also absorb even more sound waves by using a thicker padding versus a thinner one. This sound absorption can be extremely beneficial in a multi-story home, where foot traffic upstairs can become a nuisance to those on the first floor.

      3. Pet and Stain Resistant
        Due to advances in technology, today’s carpets are made to be highly stain resistant and pet friendly. Many manufacturer’s products are chemically treated with a protective coating that keep spills, pet accidents, and dirt from penetrating its fibers. Some treatments, like Shaw’s R2X Stain and Soil Technology, are chemically bonded during the manufacturing process to make sure the treatment won’t wear off even after repeated cleaning. Many of today’s top carpet products are also backed by lifetime pet stain and soil warranties to give pet owners the peace of mind that their flooring investment will last for many years.

        4. Unlimited Colors
          If you are struggling to find a flooring to match a paint color or other décor in your home, you are almost guaranteed to find a solution in carpet. Unlike other floors, the color and pattern combinations in carpet are essentially endless. For example, Shaw’s ANSO Colorwall (available at both of our locations) has over 100 different color options in its three styles. Whether you are looking for a subtle shade or a vibrant color, you will be able to find it in carpet.

          5. Safest Flooring Product
            If you are either a household that’s full of small children or an aging household that is worried about the risk of falling, carpet is going to be your safest flooring option. Carpet overall is much safer compared to hard surface flooring. As we mentioned previously, carpet and its padding are soft and reduce the impact of any falls in your house that may occur. Not only are the floors softer, but they are also much more slip resistant compared to hard surface products. Many hard surfaces are slick, but carpet’s fibers on the other hand produce more friction and reduce the likelihood of falls.

            Ready to upgrade your home with new carpet? Contact or visit us today to let us help you through the process. Between our two locations in Clayton, Ohio and Springboro, Ohio, we have a wide selection of products from leading manufacturers and our installation is backed by a lifetime warranty.