We have incredible carpet options for your home

If you'd take great pleasure in setting down your bare feet onto soft, luxurious carpet as you stroll throughout your house, you should contact us. We stock an extraordinary selection of all types of elegant carpet floors at affordable pricing. 
For over 68 years, Johnson's Flooring has helped residents in the area have the best flooring possible experience. Call us today to get started on your flooring remodel!

Carpet floors that are nice to touch and easy on the pocket

Carpeting is distinct from all other types of floors. Its cozy, springy texture is a great course of action to make your house more snug. 
When you arrive at either of our carpet stores in Clayton, OH or Springboro, OH, you'll have the opportunity to choose from a wide array of different tones, intertwines, and styles. If you're uncertain about what kind of floors you desire for a particular room in your home, our team is prepared to give sound advice.

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Improved insulation and cost-effective

One of the more enticing qualities of carpet is the level of soundproofing it provides. Because the fibers absorb sound, you won't hear each footstep or have your voice echo all over the house. Alternatively, your space will seem soothing and more comfortable.
When you install carpet, you don't just improve the level of soundproofing in your home, but you can also save money on your electricity bills. Carpet is warm and keeps heat, making it easier for your heating to take care of its task.

Our process

Step one: A free estimate
Call us or stop by the showroom, and our experienced team will be delighted to explain the flooring options we provide and give you a free estimate.

Step two: Timeframe and budget
When you've picked your ideal carpet flooring, we'll explain the payment options and provide you with a day for delivery and installation.

Step three: Carpet installation
Our crew will come at the designated time and install your gorgeous carpet. We only possess the best brands, so you know you will be happy with the result.

Step four: Warranty and customer satisfaction
After your carpet installation, we'll check to make certain that you're pleased with everything and provide you with the warranty.
Luxury carpet in Springboro, OH from Johnson's Flooring

Visit our carpet store in Clayton, OH or Springboro, OH

When it comes to measuring and installing floors, it's best to leave it to the professionals. With our accurate measuring techniques, our installers will ensure you don't ever have to pay for more than you have to. Our extreme attention to detail expands to all parts of the installation process.

Our team is available whether or not you know which brand, color, and texture of carpet you desire or if you need help choosing. 

Come by our showroom in Clayton & Springboro, OH. Call today! We serve Springboro, OH, Franklin, OH, Brookville, OH, Englewood, OH, Miamisburg, OH, and Centerville, OH.