The Johnson's Flooring Story

Johnson's family in Johnson's Carpet car in Trotwood, Ohio outside of a flooring store; Johnson's Flooring in Clayton, Ohio and Springboro, Ohio
Missy and Cody Johnson in a parade in the early 1990's

The Johnson family has a rich history in the flooring industry. Read below for a quick overview of the many years we have been helping customers all over the Dayton, Ohio area with their flooring needs. 

The Early Years

Flooring has been in the Johnson family for generations, dating back to 1955 when Harry, the grandfather of current owner, Jeff, owned a linoleum shop in Dayton, Ohio. Bill, Harry's son, grew up around the business and learned the trade from a young age. Once Bill’s stint in the Marines was done, he and his wife, Mary, returned home to Dayton from California. Bill would spend the rest of his working career in the flooring industry. One of Bill’s sons, Jeff, took to the trade and spent many summers and weekends as a kid helping his dad install carpet. Jeff eventually pulled himself away from the business long enough to attend Wilmington College, where he played football and met his future wife, Missy. After Jeff’s short but glorious career as a lineman for the Cincinnati Bengals ended, he and Missy moved back to Dayton where he was reunited with his first love, carpet installation. 

The Johnson’s Carpet Service Era

In 1989, Bill and Jeff made the decision to purchase a carpet business located in their hometown, Trotwood, Ohio, from Bill’s cousin, Jack. This purchase kept the business in the family and allowed Bill and Jeff to have a flooring showroom for the first time. The new company was named Johnson's Carpet. Business started to grow and, soon, Mary and Missy were both working in the showroom. Business continued to grow throughout the 1990’s and the Johnson’s Carpet team grew with it. A couple employees who started during this time are still with the company, going from employees to additional family members over the years.

People standing in front of hardwood display in a flooring store in Trotwood, Ohio that was called Johnson's Carpet; Johnson's Flooring Center is located in Clayton, Ohio and Johnson's Flooring Source is located in Springboro, Ohio
Jeff, Missy, and Cody in Johnson's Carpet - Trotwood, Ohio (early 1990's)

The Johnson’s Flooring Center Era
The building in Trotwood served the company well for many years but by the turn of the century, operations were starting to outgrow the small space. Jeff and Missy had building on their minds and purchased a piece of land on State Route 49 (Salem Avenue) in Clayton, Ohio. The company planned a state-of-the-art flooring store and attached warehouse on the property that would give them ample space to serve their growing customer base. The new building opened for business in 2009 and the company was renamed from Johnson's Carpet to Johnson’s Flooring Center, making it clear to customers that they offered much more than carpet. For years, the company had offered vinyl, hardwood, laminate, and ceramic in addition to carpet. The location is still going strong almost 15 years after opening!
Johnson's Flooring Center flooring store in Clayton, Ohio
Johnson's Flooring Center in Clayton, Ohio

Present Day
In 2022, Jeff and Missy’s two sons, Cody and Cole, entered the business with the opening of a new flooring store location in Springboro, Ohio, Johnson’s Flooring Source. The Springboro storefront has allowed the new location to continue to offer the same quality products and professional installation while also trying out a slightly different business model in the new location. The Springboro flooring showroom/warehouse carries over 50,000 square feet of in-stock luxury vinyl, laminate, hardwood, and carpet combined. This in-stock flooring adds to what is already in-stock in Clayton and allows Johnson’s Flooring to expand options to customers. Customers looking to buy in-stock and install themselves will find that advances in hard surface flooring (luxury vinyl, laminate) have made DIY a much more affordable and practical option in recent years. This location also serves contractors, designers, realtors, and customers.
Ribbon cutting of new flooring store in Springboro, Ohio; Johnson's Flooring
Ribbon cutting at the new Springboro, Ohio location


Looking forward, the Johnson family, along with their trusted group of employees who have been with the company on average for over 15 years, are dedicated to providing quality flooring products and installation to the Greater Dayton area for years to come.

Johnson's Flooring logo located in Clayton, Ohio and Springboro, Ohio